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Loon Mug Rug (Mini Place Mat)

Loon Mug Rug (Mini Place Mat)

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A mug rug? Yes! It is like a little place mat for your mug and a bite to eat. Use it everyday when you're enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It can also be used for an afternoon snack - or even that evening glass of wine!
This one is about 12" x 8" and made from 100% cotton fabrics. (You know what that means? You can wash them!) And "about" means sizes vary!

The fabrics used to make this mug rug are both from Jetsy's own fabrics as well as coordinating fabrics from her artisan's scrap basket. Each one will be unique.

In stock.

We also have Loon Napkins, if you'd like to create a set.

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