Custom Requests

YES!  I will make items to order out of any of my own designs fabrics.  Please contact me via email and explain briefly what you want. Include a telephone number so I can call you to discuss it.

Here are the things I can do easily for you:

1. Make an item I already sell (i.e. napkin, place mat, scarf, pillow, tote bag) from a different fabric I have designed.

2. Change the colors in one of my designs.

3. Print on a different fabric.

I generally do not sew clothing items or make items that I am not already making and selling on this website. Although, you can suggest something, and I will see what I can do.

I do not make custom items from fabrics I do not design myself (i.e. you cannot send me a fabric you want me to use.) Items I make from fabric I buy commercially are generally sold under the Odds and Ends, and I cannot make anymore of those than what I have there.

Custom orders will usually have a lead time of at least two weeks, may be charged in advanced, and may not be refundable. We will discuss all that by phone.

Please don't hesitate to ask me for what you want.  If I am already making that item, the price will not be different for a custom order unless the fabric I use is different. Different fabrics have different costs, and the item cost on the website is based upon making it from the fabric (not the design) shown.