Ordering, Inventory & Shipping

Allow two weeks to receive your order.

The reason is that I have the fabric for your order printed on demand, based on how many of a particular item you want. This is how I am sure that (when their are multiples of the same item (place mats, napkins, coasters, ie) all the items are nearly identical; same print job, same sewing session.  Ordering the fabric requires one week. The extra days are for me to complete the work and get the item in the mail.

I do have some items in stock.  So if you order just a single place mat or a single napkin (i.e.) if it is in stock, I can ship it right away.  If you need to know that, just contact me.

Items that by their nature are just single items, like runners, mug rugs, scarves, totes, pillows, etc. may or may not be in stock when you order.  But since I do not need them to match, I can get them out to you fairly quickly, assume within a week.  (Sometimes it is not made but I have the fabric in inventory and can make it when you order.)  To be safe, assume the same two weeks, and contact me if you need it in a shorter time frame.

I will contact you, if I cannot fulfill an order within two weeks.

I ship using the US Postal Service, First Class for small, lightweight items  (think "Chiffon Scarf") and Priority Mail for orders that weigh more than 13 ounces. Shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of all the items in your order.