How to buy a scarf for someone else...

Buying accessories for other people is never a walk in the park, but some of the same considerations you use for buying other items will help you find the perfect scarf. These aren't hard and fast rules, just ideas to help you choose.

For our purposes here, I am going to pretend that the person receiving the scarf is a "her".

Let's start with color.

1. Pick the one You like best. (Easy, but not very centered on the receiver.)

2. Choose based on her favorite color. If you don't know what her favorite color is, you should just ask.  Knowing a person's favorite color is a basic piece of information and so isn't a strange question to ask.

3. Scarves are often worn to add color to an outfit.  Think about a favorite outfit (her favorite or your favorite of her outfits) and then choose a color that coordinates*, or better, contrasts*.

4. Consider both skin and hair color.  A scarf that is too close to skin and hair color will not stand out.  Think of colors that she looks really good in - then choose a contrast or coordinate.

5.  Think about her personality:  Will she like something bright and colorful? (An extrovert) Or, would she prefer something more subdued and elegant? (An introvert).

6.  Ask her friends!


*Contrast: like White to Black or across the color wheel.

*Coordinates: like Orange and Yellow or adjacent on the color wheel.


Purple ----------- Orange

Blue ------------- Yellow


Here's a diagram of a color wheel. Imagine the colors between each word shown.

Red, Blue and Yellow are the Primary Colors.  Purple, Orange and Green are the colors you get when you mix the two primary colors to either side.

Now, what about shape or style.  Jetsy makes Cowls, Long rectangles and squares.

Again, this is going to be a matter of taste, but generally younger people like the cowl or the long thin rectangular scarf.  Older people are used to the square style and know how to tie them.  And that's important - I, for one - watch a lot of You tube video on tying scarves, because it is not something I ever learned to do.

Personally, I think the cowl is the ideal gift.  No tying skills are required - the wearer just slips it over her head.  She can bunch wear it neck-high and across the shoulders, or pull it down in front. Anyway, you arrange it, it is going to look modern and fashionable.  The cowl also fits many shapes of faces (because you can pull it into the form you like) and is idea for smaller people who end up overwhelmed by fabric when confronted with a big scarf.

Long scarves (rectangular ones) can be worn to slimming effect.  (And, these are nice for men!)

Do you know there are other uses for scarves, too?  The large square ones are like works of art and can be framed.  The square ones can also be draped over a light for atmosphere - think "boudoir." (say that with a French accent!)

So, long story short:  HER favorite color in a cowl. His favorite color in a long rectangle.